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About Us

The Sweet Legal Tech Academy

The Sweet Legal Tech Academy is an intensive course crossing the bridges within the legal tech industry by providing lawyers, both in-house and in private practice, with an unprecedented opportunity to learn and apply the best and most advanced technologies shaping the evolution of the legal profession. This is the first legal tech and innovation academy in Italy, possibly in Europe.

Why and What

Every job has been streamlined thanks to the pervasive adoption of digital technology, legal professions are not far behind. But lawyers are not always thinking like engineers or business people. The digital transformation of the legal industry could benefit from a little help, through education, training and sharing best practices. Implementing technologies within your legal practice shouldn’t be hard, confusing or risky. It should just be sweet.


A team of experienced lawyers and in-house counsel carefully surveyed the legal-tech market to identify the best tech solutions to handle specific legal activities, corporate processes or tasks. Based on this research, each workshop of the Sweet Legal Tech Academy will showcase a selection of the best applications and technology available to better the practice of the legal profession.