Sweet Description: Clausebase

Producing Company: ClauseBase
Company Nationality: Belgium 🇧🇪


ClauseBase is a contract drafting software that allows lawyers to dynamically draft contracts with the help of an intelligent clause library. The software re-envisions the traditional approach to contract automation taken by most incumbents by transforming contracts into stacks of intelligent clauses. This allows attorneys and in-house counsel to draft contracts by stacking these clauses on top of each other like building blocks – all while ClauseBase ensures internal consistency in terminology, grammar, numbering, style, language, definitions, cross-referencing, legal nuance and more. The solution also empowers legal departments to facilitate the contract drafting process by outsourcing it to business users in a secure and intuitive manner.  

Key features

1. Dynamic drafting of contracts by stacking intelligent clauses

2. Clause libraries for the entire organisation, specific departments, and individual users

3. Generation of contracts by filling out a questionnaire

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