Sweet Description: LegalInvoice

Producing Company: InfoCert
Company Nationality: Italy 🇮🇹

LegalInvoice is the e-invoicing system developed by InfoCert and available in different versions according to clients’s needs and features: LegalInvoice Start, LegalInvoice Pro and LegalInvoice Enterprise.

Key features

1. LegalInvoice Start: a micro management software suitable for vertical markets entrepreneurs who are not very familiar with accounting or tax issues, with simplified invoice construction functions. It is perfect for simple and stardard accounting methods.

2. LegalInvoice Pro: it maps all the possible cases and types of electronic invoicing. Intended for structured economic realities and professionals (accountants, consultants, SMEs, etc.) who, despite having an ERP, must use a specialized tool for managing the B2B.

3. It is the connector that provides automation services and billing processes for B2B and PA and for large customers. It is also the right solution for managers who want a solution embedded in their ERP.

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