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People. It’s always about the people.

At SLT we believe law firms and legal departments can (and need to) innovate.

However, innovating requires a structured approach to changing how things are done, and the reality is that everybody wants change, but no one want to change (I bet you had the chance to see this phrase on the Internet quite often, but hey, it’s true!).

This is one of the first basic concept that we learned through our whole 2+ years of workshops and education classes on legal tech: even the most user-friendly legal tech solution requires people to learn how to use that solution and to change their way of working.

People are central to the changing process. Technology is just the last bit of it, and this is particularly true when it comes to the legal sector (be it law firms or corporate legal departments)

That’s why we decided to put “people” at the core of our assistance. We are super excited to introduce you to our new subscription plans. Thanks to a dedicated launch price, you will have the change to have access to dedicated Legal Integrators: consultants coming from a legal background with technical and process management skills.

Why will you need a dedicated Legal Integrator

A lot of words are being spent when it comes to innovation roles in legal teams. Legal Engineers, Legal Operation Managers, Legal Technologists, Innovation Officers. What do these people have in common?
Well, from our point of view, all of them are exceptional jurists and lawyers who have developed great side-skills that can help legal professionals make their everyday job efficient.

Some of the biggest organizations we dealt with could afford to hire people for those roles. However, the problem lies with the smallest organizations (companies and law firms) who would love to hire such a profile but don’t have the time, budget or resources to do so.

Are you a Law Firm?

With one of our subscription plans for law firms you will have the chance to get access to one of our Legal Integrator. He/she will take care of making a first assessment to understand what is the current digitization maturity in your law firm. We want this first dialogue to be as much open as possible: the aim is to target the biggest pain in your office when it comes to efficiency.
After the first assessment (which by the way, it’s free), our Legal Integrator will take care to draft a Change Management Plan for you: thanks to a brief summary you will have the chance to understand what is our roadmap to tackle the biggest pain in your Law Firm both in terms of hours spent and action items.

In case the Change Management Plan will require a technology integration, you will also be able to evaluate with us the best legal technologies that suit your needs. The plans include the working hours of our consultants to build and implement IT environments and the training hours.

Are you a Corporate Legal Department?

We then decided to create two specific plans for Corporate Legal Departments.

The process works the same as our Services for Law Firms. The Legal Integrator will conduct a first assessment to understand what is the current digitization maturity of your legal department (and company). After visualizing and targeting your most inefficient processes blocking your everyday workflow, he/she will be able to

  • draft a custom made plan to enhance your productivity.
  • suggest/scout the best legal tech solution for your need.

Go check our plans!

Make sure to check our plans at https://sweetlegaltech.com/it/services/  and don’t hesitate to contact our team!

Giulio Messori, LL.M.
CEO, Sweet Legal Tech