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Today, legal technology may be seen as some kind of black magic. It’s very easy to bump into a lot of strange tech terms and the large amount of software out there doesn’t help the choice on a path of legal innovation.That’s one of our missions at Sweet Legal Tech: be the ideal legal innovation expert for your needs by helping your law firm or corporate legal department to become up-to-date with the latest technologies and implement innovation paths.

We learn together what your needs are. Then we select what best suits you. And finally we apply the state of the art methods and software to your workflow.

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As a Legal Innovation Company our aim is to bring real competences to legal professionals.

In the past 2 years, we had the chance to organize exclusive workshops, classes and roundtables where lawyers learnt how the tech world could improve their workflow. Thomson Reuters, Kira Systems, Luminance, LawGeex and IBM already attended our courses. And these were only a few of our hosts.


Select at SLT

Have you ever wondered how many Legal Technologies are on the market today? Short answer is: a lot! Since it’s quite impossible to master them all, we decided to provide some free resources to fellow colleagues and experts:

  • a Map with the solutions we’ve tested and tried in depth;
  • a Map with some basic information on as much solutions we could find.

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We are proud to introduce you our consultancy service which is ready to sort out all of your issues around legal tech and innovation.

With our experience and the right partnerships you will able to:

  • Firstly, improve your processes: a service tailored for every legal office or law firm that wants to get a boost on their operations;
  • After that, scout and integrate: we, together, will integrate the more complex and well known tech solutions.

In conclusion, this is how Sweet Legal Tech will bring legal innovation into your law firm!
Make sure to visit our website to learn how we do it!