Raffaella Folgieri

Associate Professor of Artificial Intelligence, University of Milan

Tech Expert


Raffaella Folgieri is Assistant Professor and Confirmed Researcher at the University of Milan,
Department of Economics, Management and Formation Methods (DEMM), Milan, Italy.

Member of Italian Society of Engineering and of SIREN (Italian Neural Networks Society),
she has published her research in journal articles (main fields of interests: Brainomics;
Brain Computer Interaction; Virtual Reality; Bioinformatics; Machine Learning and AI;
Quality assessment in complex software development; e-learning). Her work explores some of
the central issues in cognitive research such as how people move from skilled performance
to problem-solving, how a person learns, manages errors, interprets visual stimuli, and
She has participated and co-ordinated international research groups funded either with
private or public funds (European Parliament, European Commission) as the Virthualis
Project (http://www.virthualis.org/); bioinformatics, toxicogenomics, and metabonomics
research group at EU-JRC (European Union – Joint Research Centre), Ispra (Varese), Italy;
the BOMA project (http://narciso.dibe.unige.it/mediawiki/index.php/Main_Page).
More than ten years of previous past job experience, as Manager, in Business, Finance,