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Sweet Legal Tech is an italian startup that offers training, consulting and an IT product platform with the aim of transforming legal, administrative and bureaucratic processes.

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We believe that any organization can and should seriously consider its legal operations and their digitalization. We know this because we come from the legal sector and have experienced it ourselves: in the past months, we have developed Digital Transformation projects to improve our work as lawyers. Below you will find products and services for cases we have solved starting from real and concrete needs.

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Since 2018, we have been testing and analyzing the latest solutions in the field of Legal Tech. We do this with a critical approach, asking ourselves whether a certain feature is really indispensable or not. The map is accessible for free!

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Innovation use cases from the legal sector

Learn more about innovation topics and discover the latest use cases solved by our team!

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Why rely on us?

Let us tell you in few bullets.

We are a team composed for two-thirds of lawyers and jurists....
...with a strong passion (sometimes too much 🙄) for technology.
We started by studying 🙇: for 3 years we have been curating Italian and European training courses on innovation in the world of law. We collaborate with universities and research organizations to train the lawyers of the future 🛸.
We use a critical ☝🏻 approach. Technology or design is not always an answer to problems.
Wet's start by understanding as "legal professionals"👩⚖️ our legal clients' problems....
...but at the same time we are able to interject and lead a team of programmers and IT professionals. 💻
Most importantly, we have an ambition to make legal processes more streamlined, accessible and intuitive. For everyone. ✨

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