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Learn, select and apply the most advanced technologies shaping the evolution of the legal profession.

💭 "Well...Nice claim. But how do you do that? "

Sweet Legal Tech (SLT) started as an educational think-tank in 2018. Since then, we took our time to map, study, and test several legal technologies by providing courses on Legal Tech in Italy (first) and in Europe (then). In 2019, some of our partners started to see us as trusted advisors and asked us to help with their digital transformation: that’s why in 2020 we started offering consulting services. We also provide some free resources such as our EU Legal Tech Map. We also take part in the Develawpers™ project, by providing an Open Source Coding Library for Lawyers.

🎓 Learn thanks to 2+ years of education on LegalTech.

We organize workshops where we provide each participant with the knowledge, the resources, and an action item to go back to his office and start improving their practice, knowing – through direct experience – they are saving a lot of time and money they would have spent on research and consulting services.

🗺 Select thanks to our EU Legal Tech Map.

A team of experienced lawyers and in-house counsel carefully surveyed the legal-tech market to identify the best tech solutions to handle specific legal activities, corporate processes, or tasks. Based on this research, each workshop of the Sweet Legal Tech Academy will showcase a selection of the best applications and technology available to better the practice of the legal profession.

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Every job has been streamlined thanks to the pervasive adoption of digital technology, and legal professions are not far behind. But lawyers are not always thinking like engineers or business people. The digital transformation of the legal industry could benefit from a little help.

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