Sweet Legal Tech

Sweet Legal Tech is an organization allowing professionals to learn and apply the most advanced technologies shaping the evolution of the legal profession.

Every job has been streamlined thanks to the pervasive adoption of digital technology: legal professions are not far behind. Our mission is to shape the legal professionals of the future thanks to a deep understanding and implementation of technologies.

Workshops on legaltech


In its education branch, Sweet Legal Tech is the promoter of a serie of workshops, each organized around one main component of tech and legal practice. That’s our academy.
Each session will identify an area of legal practice and tries to answer two simple questions: – how can I improve my practice through technology? And – what’s the best solution out there for my case?

→ Past workshops

May 2019 /Tech Solutions for Privacy Compliance and Data Governance

February 2019 /The "Contract Journey": Deep Dive in Contract Law

November 2018 /The “Contract Journey": Legal Tech in Contract Law